Homeowners and Builders Guide

** This is an uncontrolled duplicate of NBNs public access documents for educational use. Refer to the NBN website for the most recent document information. As stated in the original document, all content and copyright belongs to NBN Co Limited. Content can be removed by request.
In your newly-built home, both your internet and landline phone services will be delivered over the NBN network, giving you access to fast and reliable broadband services for decades to come. Before you start enjoying all the benefits of the NBN network, there are a few steps you need to take during the construction of your new home.

Step 1:

Plan your phone and data ports with your builder
High speed broadband brings many exciting possibilities that can transform the way you work, play and stay in touch. Now is the ideal time to consider how you will wire your new home to prepare for the connected lifestyle you plan to enjoy.
Talk to your builder about your preferences for voice and data ports now so they can mark these up on the building plans and provide a quote for any additional wiring work required.
If you don’t have a copy of your new home plans to work on, it’s a good idea to draw a quick diagram of your house and port locations. Make sure you keep a copy for your records.

Step 2:

Decide on a location for the NBN supplied equipment
The NBN and your builder will work together to organise the installation of the relevant equipment inside and outside your new home.
A standard installation of NBN supplied equipment is currently free of charge. For more information on what’s included, visit nbnco.com.au or call 1800 687 626. Don’t forget to check with your preferred retail service provider about whether they have any other fees that may apply.
Home owners should work with their builders to determine the best location for the NBN supplied equipment prior to your scheduled installation date so that your builder can pre-install the conduits required for the NBN network installation to take place. When you have chosen a location for these conduits, make sure that both your preferred location for NBN supplied equipment and conduits are marked on your house construction plans.
The pre-installation would need to take place at least 20 days before the estimated home completion date.
There are a number of places for your equipment to be installed. NBN has a checklist to help you make a good decision about the most suitable place otherwise your ability to connect to the NBN network may be affected.

Step 3:

Connecting your Services to the NBN Network
Before you move in, you can begin contacting your preferred service provider to compare packages and establish your service requirements.
If your address has not yet been registered with your local government authority, you may need to provide your Lot and DP number to your Service Provider when you order your services. (A Deposited Plan (DP) is the plan number given to a subdivision by state or local government.)
To find out an estimated date when the NBN network will be switched on in your area, call 1800 687 626.
It’s important to note that NBN is a wholesale network provider, which means NBN is responsible for building, operating and maintaining the NBN network (the infrastructure over which telecommunication services can be delivered).
Services to your home, such as landline phone and broadband will be provided by retail service providers, not by NBN directly.
You can contact your preferred service provider now to pre-order services over the NBN network.