Bulk Purchase

To save time for your business, you can purchase a bulk amount of documents, and nominate several authorised people from your organisation who can send through the necessary information in a short-hand way. This is ideal if you have an admin manager who can oversee all jobs.

Perks of bulk purchases:

  • Your solar panel and inverter specifications are kept on our filing system
  • Your company logo is added to the title block of the drawings
  • Several people from your organisation can submit projects to register
  • Faster turn-around time as your company information is held within the document information
  • Cost effective

At present, the bulk purchase structures are for PV systems up to 11.0kW only (total rating of the panels; not the inverter). Systems above 11.0kW PV must be purchased individually.

Bulk pack 1:

20x drawings of PV system size between 1.0kW and 11.0kW – $470 (save $30)

Bulk pack 2:

50x drawings of PV system size between 1.0kW and 11.0kW – $1,150 (save $100)