Expansion to the Clean Energy Council!

Sketcheon is excited to announce we have spent enough time in the Design Guidelines from the Clean Energy Council and are now offering to produce professional PDF documentation that meets the criteria in the CEC Design Guidelines for Accredited Installers.

Some of the benefits to help your company are:

1. Professional Conduct

Set yourself apart from the cowboy crowd and show your customers you are invested in them and want to help them understand their solar system. Providing this document is an excellent method to close out the project with the customer and ensure they have reliable information and will be sure to recommend you.

2. Cost Effective

Most drawings cost less than $2 per solar panel. Using this service won’t break the bank or cut into the competitive margins that are prevalent in the industry.

3. Clarity of Information

The information presented in the drawings is broken down for clear visual representation, mixed with the required technical information referred to in the CEC Design Guidelines. It advises your customers of the safe shut-down procedure as well as recommendations for regular maintenance of the system.

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